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17TH INTERNATIONAL HOT-AIR BALLOON MEETING European Hot Air Balloon Cup Feodosia - Air Brotherhood ‘2013

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17th International Hot-Air Balloon Meeting

Русская версия

International Sporting Event the European Hot Air Balloon Cup "Feodosia - Air Brotherhood ‘2013”

Organising Committee:

85, Garnaev street, Feodosia, Crimea 98112, Ukraine

Phone/fax: +38 (050) 324 02 88 |  E-mail: ,

Oleksandr Nikolaiev, Director


Pilots list  Files for download



Organiser: Ukrainian Ballooning Federation with support of mayor of Feodosia A. Bartenev.

Participation: the Event is open to all pilots, who accept and abide by the FAI Sporting Code and the rules of the Event, have valid FAI Sporting License, have sent the complete entry form and the part of the Entry Fee in time. Qualification: each pilot should have at least 30 hours as PIC of hot air balloon by the closing entry date. The organisers are ready to accept not more than 30 pilots on the under-mentioned conditions. They are the first pilots who will confirm the intention to participate in the Event.

17th International Hot-Air Balloon Meeting Air Brotherhood ‘2013” includes:

  • European Hot Air Balloon Cup " Feodosia - Air Brotherhood ‘2013” (CIA Sporting Event)
  • Lady’s Cup “She, who runs the waves”
  • Ukrainian National Championship 2013.

 The pilot, who has aggregated the highest score in the competition among all pilots, will become the winner of European Hot Air Balloon Cup "Feodosia - Air Brotherhood ‘2013”.

Lady-pilot, who has aggregated the highest score in the competition among all lady-pilots, will become the winner of “She, who runs the waves” Cup.

A Ukrainian pilot, who has aggregated the highest score in the competition among Ukrainian pilots, will become the Ukrainian Champion 2013”.

Rules: The competition will be run under the "AX MERG" without observers.

Official languages of competition are English and Russian.

Entry fee:   350 Euros for the first 20 pilots and 400 Euros for the next. You can pay a part of the Entry Fee in amount of 50 Euros and the rest at check-in on agreement with the Organising Committee. The payment should be done to the name of Oleksander Nikolaiev - the leader of the Organizing Committee in town: Feodosia, Crimea Republic, Ukraine. The money can be sent by Western Union, Unistream or by any other means which is suitable for you. There should be mentioned that it is the Entry Fee for participation in the Cup “Air Brotherhood ‘2013” and the name of the pilot.

The deadline for registration is 31 August 2013. 

The organisers will provide free-of-charge:

  • accommodation and morning coffee for a team of four persons (pilot + 3);
  • propane;
  • maps and all necessary flight information;
  • tickets to welcome party and farewell dinner, local excursions and social events;
  • souvenirs.

If necessary, for additional crew members hotel accommodation is reserved. A price range: from 10 Euros (bed in a double room). In high-class hotels the higher prices can be charged (from 30 Euros).

The insurance: Participants must be insured to a minimum of 30 000 Euros for third parties. Each pilot and each passenger must be insured to a minimum of 10 000 Euros. If necessary, the organisers will provide an opportunity for concluding of the insurance agreement at the registration.

Rent a car service will provide you with a chase vehicle (as a rule with a driver). The price will be about 25 Euros per day (without fuel). The cost of the fuel is about 1,0 Euro per liter.

Advertising activity: If your envelope has an advertising inscription on it, please inform the Organising Committee about it. The pilots who are ready to take advertisement of the Event sponsors are kindly requested to note that in your application form. The organising committee reserves the right of displaying an advertising banner on baskets of the participants.

Competition Staff

#positionname country
1Event Director Igor LOBASHOV UKR
2Deputy ED/Chief Scorer Deividas PINKEVICIUS LTA
3 /Scorer Sergey Gnap
4Debriefer/Scorer Yuriy ANOSOV UKR
5Target Team Chief Damir MENGAZETDINOV RUS
6Technical support Igor STRILCHUK UKR
7TT member 01 Oksana ZBOROVSKA UKR
8TT member 06 Leonid ANOSOV UKR

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